Here is the tedious process we follow

Each step of undertaking Implementation requires supervisor who manages the collaborative work of the group and communicates with the patron imparting reviews based on outcomes on each stage or on weekly basis.



Requirement Analysis

The first step in designing a hit website or application is to accumulate facts. Many things are to be considered whilst the advent and experience of your Website or Application are created.
This primary step is clearly the maximum important one because it involves a solid know-how of the business idea. It includes demands and minute requirements of what your commercial enterprise desires and the way the web can be applied that will help you obtain the targeted goals.




Planning makes or breaks the deal. We don’t have the same planning strategy for all projects. We make a custom trailered strategy for all our clients. Once we have done with the requirements part, we look for the programming languages that fits your requirements.

The End users are taken into consideration while designing your solution. An awesome user interface creates a smooth to navigate web page, and the idea comes under planning.




Primarily based on layout, requirements Specification and wireframes provided by Analyst, Designer at Z INDEX creates 2 mockups of design. Than client can review and finalize there homepage design and subsequently we start with subpages and add functionalities according to the requirements.

The target audience is one of the key elements considered while designing the website or Application.



Front & Logical Development

At the stage of web development, the core of the website is being developed. We can also customize templates solutions on CorePHP, Wordpress + WooCommerce, Magento, ASP.NET or adjust to your requirements using any MVC Frameworks like Laraval, CodeIgniter. We are proud to have high-load and quality development projects in Portfolio that extends our experience to each new challenge.



Analysis & Tweaks

After the project is finished we ought to inquire if the system works the proper way according to merit. If inevitable we implement minute tweaks and fixes. If needed on a project we either do manual testing or perform automated testing using automated software to check load and stress performance of the website or application



Project Launch

This is the ultimate stage when the project goes live. We move a project from testing server to final client-server and do final testing as development and live servers can have a bit different settings. We check that we have meant with all the deliverables or not and finally we never miss the deadlines, which we have assured during our planning phase.